Effective Accelerationism vs Effective Altruism

Effective Accelerationism vs Effective Altruism

I recently read about 2 opposing trends/ philosophies in technology advancement.

The Effective Acceleration movement belives “that the creation of an AI singularity where technology advances beyond the point of human control, is not only unavoidable but desirable – a necessary part of evolution beyond humanity. And investing in there could mean big money …… (Katherine Tangalakis Lippert and Hannah Getahun).

The Effective Altruism movement on the other hand with supporter like ELon Musk and Sam Bankman-Fried support the idea that tech alleceration will advance and better our lives and humanity.

Emmet Shear, former interim CEo of OpenAI suggest that “their only difference is a value judgement on wheter or not humanity getting wiped out is a problem”.

Well I have just started to research and develop a concept how to visualize those ideas for my showreel. So far I have used the photograph of Oxford Universities serverroom to create a 3d room and cameraride in After Effects….

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