Andrea Artz is a London-based photographer focusing on portraits, reportage and travel. From her South East London studio she works for corporate, editorial-, and contract publishing clients including British Airways, Deutsche Bank, Lonely Planet Traveler, Siemens, Zeit, Spiegel, The New Yorker, Fortune, Time, Lufthansa Exclusive and many more. She is a member of the agency laif in Cologne. Her personal projects were exhibited at Kunsthaus Hamburg and the Royal Academy Summer exhibition amongst others. See for personal art projects and exhibition listings.


After earning a degree at the Bavarian Academy for Photography in Munich, Andrea moved to Hamburg to work as an assistant for fashion photographers. She soon joined the photo agency signum, and became an free lance photographer focusing on portraiture, travel and reportage.

In 1997, her travels took her to New York where she stayed and worked on assignments throughout the USA for the next ten years. On her way back to Europe she stopped over in England, where she pursued a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Leeds.

Ms Artz is a member of the agency laif in Cologne, and her work has been published in The New Yorker, Fortune, Spiegel, Die Zeit, Time Magazine and British Airways highlife magazine, as well as numerous other magazines. Her corporate clients include the Charles Dickens Museum London, Audi Magazine, Bertelsmann, Loewe -, Porsche -, Siemens- and Werte Magazine and many others .

Ms Artz has been teaching digital photojournalism for Oxbridge Programs from 2008 – 2010, and given lectures on photography and her work. Her personal work has been exhibited widely, including the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, Charles Dickens Museum London, Kunsthaus Hamburg and many others. Fellowships and awards include the Diego Hidalgo Fellowship for the Arts, Fuji Euro Press Awards, Marianne Brandt Competition and Lowell Thomas Journalism Competition.

Aside from commissioned work, she also works on her own interdisciplinary art projects that take their inspiration from her life as a photographer


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