Ghost Weight

    Site-specific installation: archival print, tea & vegetable stained, glue. Edition of 10 each. Crol & Co, 2018



    A wall-based installation comprised of Origami foldings that meander through Crol & Co’s space. The foldings are made of photographic portraits from different historical epochs. Each person was once portrayed and immortalised by a photographer. The photographs existed as a memory, but, as time passed, they ceased into oblivion and turned up in flea markets or charity shops, where the artist re-discovered them. They are bent and folded into the third dimension in a playful way that gives rise to filigree, nearly weightless objects, space occupations or conceptual spaces.

    Ghost Weight explores notions of change and transformation. The space itself, Crol & Co, not so long was a betting shop. It has been transformed into a comfortable café space, while the altered portrait of the reserved Victorian woman has become a femme fatale: a 1930’s gangster looking like a hipster. The 3d portraits are time travellers that meet in the past, present and the future.

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